​​      Freeman Driving School  

         109 North Eastern  

      Moore, Oklahoma 73160

             405 799-2616   freemandriving@outlook.com

109 N. Eastern  Ave

Moore, Oklahoma 73160

​405 799-2616





 1. Must be 15 1/2 years of age or


 2. Must show contract from

      Freeman's (given to you when

       you came to class)

 3. Must have Two forms of ID

      (Birth Certificate and Social

      Security Card see pages

      1-1 and 1-2 of the Oklahoma

      Driver's Manual).  No copies,

      must be originals.

      Student must have Social

      Security card or at least know

      the numbers.

 4. Must have official "8th Grade

​      Reading Proficiency, Enrollment

      and Attendance" letter from 

      school(not required for students

      18 or older).

 5. If student is under 18, if parent

     or legal guardian will not be

     present at Dept. of Public Safety

     when the applicant takes their

     permit test, applicant must have

     affidavit, signed and notarized.

     Learn's Permit--with NO Parent

     or Legal Guardian in Attendance

     click on affidavit button.

     If not born in the U.S., student

     must show valid documentation

​     of legal resident status or proof

     of citizenship.


   Schedule your DPS visit for the
   Learner's Permit online.  Please
   schedule in advance click on 
   button.  DPS charges $3.75 fee.
   Appointments fill up quickly.​
  To Get Learner's Permit at
   Department of Public Safety
   Students have Two Options:

  Option #1: Student may complete
   the 10 hours of classroom and 
   take the items listed above to
   DPS and take the written test,
   20 multiple choice questions.

  Option #2: Students may complete
  Freeman's course (10 hours class
  and 6 hours driving) and take
  Freeman's Completion Cert along
  with the items listed above to  DPS
  and the written test will be waived.​​​​